March 2023 Issue


The sweet spring air has returned before the suffocating heat of summer, and your March ANTIGRAVITY is here to help you soak it in. This month we look into moral panic and book bannings across Louisiana, how trees may be the key to our economic and climate survival, and an interview with local rapper $leazy EZ.

Our columns advise you on maintaining base cleanliness through busy schedules, how to read and understand your tires, the delightful horrors of potty training, the run-down on Louisiana-friendly beans, an interview with local musician Katie Ballou on her music gear journey, public comments on parental leave, as well as your monthly guidance from the stars and the cards.

This month’s cover is by Sadie Wiese, and the back cover is by Ben Claassen III (peep that meta-cover!). Our March insert is by Eden Chubb.

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